Once you know,
you can't do anything else.

There are moments in life when knowledge becomes decisive. Where what we know and what we learn transforms existence, and encourages commitment.

Today, we know it.
Conventional cosmetics which promise beauty, plumped skin and longevity sometimes pollute our bodies.

Today, we know it.
The beauty of the skin depends first of all on its health.

Today, we know it.
To have a healthy skin and beautiful skin, you have to go further than a serum, a cream or a treatment.

Today, we know that.
Creating another way of creating beauty is a necessity.

Here’s what we do.
Explain, transmit and learn: how the body works, how the skin works. Formulate, without compromising: 100% healthy, 100% natural products, highly concentrated active ingredients.

Test, study, adjust, for care with clinically proven effectiveness. Accompany a serum, a food supplement or a treatment with daily advice and recommendations: nutrition, sleep, healthy lifestyle, sport, etc. Create a new type of care To take care of yourself and your skin.

Novexpert, Knowledge engages us.

Our 6 pillars

To know is to act

Novexpert is a brand that does things differently. Not out of opportunism, but out of necessity.

Novexpert is a brand born from research and created to face a scientific reality: yes, cosmetic products penetrate our body and many of these products, containing certain synthetic substances, pollute it deeply.

What to do when you know? When we know, acting becomes an imperative guided by reality, by supported, proven, demonstrated facts. When you know, acting becomes a necessity.

Acting, for Novexpert, means first of all making people know: transmitting knowledge and information. Give the reading keys to enlighten. And acting, for Novexpert, means doing things differently: creating an alternative to traditional cosmetics, offering another model of beauty, creating different treatments that combine health, naturalness and effectiveness.

Beauty is just the icing on the cake.

Beautiful skin is above all healthy skin.

This principle of reality is the one that has guided Novexpert for years. A dermo-cosmetic brand, Novexpert works first for the health of the skin, then for its beauty. Each formula, each product, each piece of advice aims to take care: target the problem precisely, fight the causes, activate the right enzymes, restore balance to fight acne, hydrate and firm, reduce the signs of aging...

Novexpert products are products that take care of the skin before making it beautiful. Radically healthy, radically effective, formulated by radically committed scientists and researchers, committed to taking care of your skin first and for whom beauty is just the icing on the cake.

Skin care of 100% natural origin, care guaranteed to be 100% healthy

Novexpert is a brand that mainly offers products of 100% natural origin. Why this requirement?

Because the science is clear: the body deeply absorbs certain substances contained in the cosmetics we use. Because the research is unanimous. The vast majority of these ingredients that accumulate in our bodies are synthetic. Because scientists don't have all the answers yet. How long do these ingredients stay? What are the long-term consequences of this bioaccumulation? The answers remain unanswered today.

It is to face this reality, not to respond to a fashion or a trend, that Novexpert was created since 2008. It is to remedy this that we have chosen intransigence. A radical precautionary principle: only work with the most easily degradable substances, natural substances.

Yes, this requires increased demands, an uncompromising commitment, wording differently, lower margins, longer search times... But this also results in healthy products. Healthier. 100% healthy.

Proven formulas, concentrated active ingredients, guaranteed effectiveness

Yes, there is often a correlation between concentration of active ingredients and product effectiveness. In general, the more concentrated an active ingredient is, the more effective the formula.

This reality is what has guided the formulation of products at Novexpert for years: aim for high concentrations, use sometimes expensive active ingredients and/or complex, sometimes unstable by nature, even if it means increasing our research times. But it is also: having the freedom to follow our convictions, not the trend, to respond to a necessity, that of guaranteeing you very high efficiency.

And this efficiency, at Novexpert, is not than a promise or a resolution never kept. It is clinically proven. Each cream, each serum is tested. Dozens of times, hundreds, sometimes. Internally and by independent organizations. Until you find the right balance. Until you are certain that the formula offers the skin a concrete, visible, lasting benefit.

Go further than a cream, a routine or a treatment.

At Novexpert, we are fully aware of the power of our products, their effectiveness, and the need to support their use as well. We know that the beauty of the skin does not only depend on the quality of the products we apply to it. We know it, we explain it bluntly, and to remedy it, we take action. This is why Novexpert does not just formulate treatments with proven effectiveness. We support you all, customers or not, in the quest for healthier and more beautiful skin. For this, all the lessons from our research center are made available to you; it is a concentrate of the expertise of Novexpert scientists, skin specialists, that we put in your hands. Advice on diet, micro-nutrition, sleep, stress, mental health or pace of life... Our knowledge is at the service of consumers, so that everyone becomes master of their health. Because we know, for healthy and beautiful skin, a cream, a serum, a food supplement alone is not enough.

The product before the muse, the human before the profits.

Novexpert is a brand that doesn’t say or do anything like everyone else. A brand that says and shows everything, a brand that hides nothing. Neither in its products, nor in its methods.

A brand that does not bother with marketing ornaments. Of the wrapping of words. A brutally honest brand, which doesn't always tell us what we want to hear, but which constantly tells us what is good for our skin. Because Novexpert is a brand made up of stubborn, narrow-minded and stubborn women and men. A collective of pioneering minds and scientists united around a single idea: take care, really take care of your skin like never before, and do it really well.

And yes, taking care, really caring, involves doing things differently. The product before the muse, the human before the profits.

A word from Cyrille, the founder

"I managed a research laboratory for 10 years with my sister Clarisse Cazali and my father Michel Telinge (co-creator of the Cyrillus clothing brand with his wife) before creating the Novexpert brand with my doctor friends in 2008. Inspired by the profound changes in molecular biology and in particular epigenetics, I campaign for a new vision of cosmetics. A symbiosis between very high technology and “ultra clean” formulas. A plea for a science to Sheltered from the frantic pace of ephemeral fashions and entirely dedicated to “real” research: free, independent, demanding and responsible.

Novexpert is a breath of freedom and scientific demand. we owe you. Through your loyalty, you offer us this ultimate luxury, that of bringing this utopia to life, modest but brilliant, and I thank you for it!”

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<p>A word from Cyrille, the founder</p>

And this is possible thanks to our laboratory and our experts who are passionate about science

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Go behind the scenes
<p>And this is possible thanks to our laboratory and our experts who are passionate about science</p>


The Novexpert doctors decipher your problems and support you to find solutions together. In addition to understanding the routine your skin needs, you will receive a complete and personalized guide with 360° advice (nutrition, sleep, etc. And yes, our advice is not just in tubes!)

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