What is Vitamin C used for?

Vitamin C plays two major roles in the skin:

  • ANTIOXIDANT: it limits oxidation and its harmful consequences on skin cells, for a radiant complexion and smooth skin.

  • ANTI-AGING: it stimulates the synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid, for firm skin and preserved facial oval.

Its omnipresence within the skin layers also reflects its importance: we find 10 to 100 times more vitamin C in the skin than other vitamins.

However, we have lost the ability to synthesize vitamin C. It must therefore be found in food (cabbage, acerola, blackcurrant, etc.) or in cosmetics.

When we know the importance of vitamin C for the skin, we must provide it. But not just anyhow.

At Novexpert, we have selected a stable vitamin C, which penetrates effectively and integrates into products with a pH similar to that of the skin in order to be compatible for everyone, in all seasons.

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