What are polyphenols used for?

Polyphenols promote a radiant complexion and fight against aging. These are the antioxidant active ingredients par excellence, they limit oxidation by neutralizing free radicals which attack skin cells. Some of them also act to prevent and correct hyperpigmentation, i.e. brown spots.

When we know the importance of polyphenols for the skin, we must provide them. But not just anyhow.

At Novexpert, we have selected EGCG (full name: EpiGallocatechin Gallate), the green tea polyphenol with the highest antioxidant power. It acts as PREVENTION of spots, by neutralizing free radicals, as well as CORRECTION, by reducing the activity of tyrosinase, the molecule which produces the pigment causing spots: melanin. EGCG is a very unstable molecule in nature, which is why we chose an EGCG that is 200% more stable thanks to a plant extract, so that the skin can benefit from all its benefits.

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