What is Magnesium used for?

Magnesium is recognized for its soothing, relaxing, anti-stress and even protective actions, particularly on the epidermis. But one of its properties remains relatively unknown outside the scientific world: its ability to soothe reactive skin prone to redness.

Reactive skin, sometimes called sensitive, is skin whose nerve endings over-react to certain external stimuli (change in temperature, friction, new ingredient). In response, the brain reacts disproportionately in turn, causing irritation, redness or discomfort.

When we know the nervous origin of sensitive skin, we must act to relieve it. But not just anyhow.

At Novexpert, since 2008, we have been the first to highlight this cause, which was then underestimated. Fascinated by this discovery, we designed a range entirely dedicated to magnesium, thus helping to soothe nerve endings and therefore limit the symptoms of reactive skin, “pain, redness, discomfort, tightness…”.

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