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Hello, Can you give us your first name or your best nickname.


Great [First name] welcome to the Novexpert family. Our Doctors are ready to decode your wrinkles. Let's start with a few questions about you.


To begin, tell us in which age group you fall?

We promise we won't reveal your age 🤫

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Hormone question for you ladies.
Gentlemen, you can go directly to the next question.
Next question

Menopause brings its share of surprises and among them: a drastic drop in collagen, the springs of your skin which provide firmness and elasticity. Have you gone through this phase?

Only 1 choice possible

Yes, you crossed it without incident (or almost!)
No, you haven't had this chance yet.
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Look at these photos, which one is closest
to your skin color?

Only 1 choice possible


Let's talk a little, let's talk about wrinkles. Take your best mirror to examine them.

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Your wrinkles...

Only 1 choice possible

...are absent subscribers, but you prefer prevention to cure
(and you are quite right)
...appear when you are stressed and/or when you express a strong emotion. At least at rest they disappear!
...are starting to feel comfortable, some are visible even when resting.
We need to start showing them who decides.
...have invaded your face for an indefinite period,
they are marked and no longer disappear.

Where do you see these wrinkles on your face?

Click on the relevant areas.

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  • Forehead wrinkles
  • Frown lines
  • Crow's feet
  • Cheek wrinkles
  • Bitterness lines
  • Perioral wrinkles
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Ultimately, your wrinkles look more like…

Only 1 choice possible

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Is your skin well hydrated?
To find out, we offer you a short test, the skin turgor test.
Place your hand flat and pinch the back of your hand for 5s, how long does it take for the skin to return to normal?

Immediately (less than 3 seconds), perfect hydration!
Quickly (3 to 5 seconds), hydration is not a problem.
In a few seconds (6 to 10 seconds), a few moisturizing active ingredients would do your skin good.
(Too much) Slowly (over 10 seconds), your skin appears to be dehydrated and we need to take this into account.
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Small elasticity question which could help the Novexpert Doctors to better guide you. How long does it take for your pillow mark to disappear in the morning?

Immediately (less than 5 minutes), of course!
Quickly (5 to 15 minutes), or according to you…
Not quickly enough for you (20 to 45 minutes), but it remains your little secret.
Much too slowly (more than 45 minutes), so you avoid meeting people before 10 a.m.!
You sleep without a pillow or you have never noticed a trace, you can pass on this question.
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Are you exposed…

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Apart from pollution, you are a pure city dweller.
A cigarette: you smoke regularly.
Stress. Taking time for yourself is not part of your schedule!
None of that: you live in the countryside, without stress, without cigarettes but still with a car (or not!)
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You expose yourself to the sun…

...very rarely.
...from time to time, but with sun protection adapted to your skin type.
...regularly and not always with sunscreen.
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Level food, you are rather...

...knowledgeable and diligent: every day, it's 5 fresh fruits and vegetables!
...aware but not too committed: on the menu 3 fruits and vegetables per day, not always fresh.
...the terror of dietitians: vegetables, the less you see,
the better off you are!
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Would you say that your skin is oily?

Oily skin = shiny appearance, oily feel, large pores and tendency to have imperfections.

No. The disco ball is in the evening but not on your face.
Very rarely, but sometimes you are surprised by the shiny appearance of your skin.
Yes, often on certain areas of your face. Your forehead, your chin and/or the area around your nose are noticed by their shiny appearance.
Totally, when you look in the mirror your skin glows.
You don't know how to answer this question.

You are (almost) finished, it's time to discover the diagnosis from our experts and personalized advice created with rigor (and humor) by our Doctors.

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Today we know it.

Beautiful skin is, above all,
healthy skin.

Creating another way of achieving beauty is a necessity. For 15 years, Novexpert has been committed to demanding cosmetics based on science and facts. They are researchers fascinated by science, passionate about skin and health.

And here is what we do.
Explain, transmit and learn: how the body works, how the skin works.
Formulate, without compromising: 100% healthy products, because they are 100% of natural origin, highly concentrated active ingredients.
Test, study, adjust, for treatments with clinically proven effectiveness.
Support, provide what is missing in a serum, a food supplement or a treatment: nutrition, sleep, daily advice and recommendations.
Create a new type of treatment to take care of your skin.

Novexpert, Knowledge engages us.

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