At Novexpert,
the power lies with the researchers

Only science guides our choices.
Power in societies is too often in the hands of “marketers” in close liaison with financiers. This is not a pejorative judgment but a reality. Before being a brand, Novexpert is above all a research center. A small setting for Researchers and Doctors. Their priority is easy to guess. They formulate to meet their scientific beliefs, not marketing. The power lies with those who CREATE care, not those who DRESS it. It's all IN the product, not AROUND the product.

50% scientists and researchers

50% scientists and researchers

A team of people passionate about health, half of whom have a scientific background. They go through publications, like percentages, figures, evidence... These are women and men for whom beauty comes through health, care comes before earnings, people before money.

2% to marketing

2% to marketing

We don’t bother with marketing frills. The speech is meant to be brutally honest. We won't always tell you what you want to hear, but we will constantly tell you what is good for your skin, your health.

100% collective

100% collective

A collective, yes, but of pioneering spirits, of people united around one and the same idea: take care, really care, like no one has ever taken care of your skin, and do it really well . As we would do for ourselves.

And concretely, here is what it looks like in our lab

Gometz-la-Ville (91) - the head office

Far from the codes of Haussmann buildings or the towers of La Défense, Novexpert Laboratories are located in the heart of the Chevreuse Valley. This is where we draw our inspiration and develop cosmetics of 100% natural origin. Having room for the body and mind to formulate, green, is essential in our work.

<p>Gometz-la-Ville (91) - the head office</p>

We are preparing tours of all our labs for you.

To be continued….

Today we know it.

Beautiful skin is, above all,
healthy skin.

Creating another way of achieving beauty is a necessity. For 15 years, Novexpert has been committed to demanding cosmetics based on science and facts. They are researchers fascinated by science, passionate about skin and health.

And here is what we do.
Explain, transmit and learn: how the body works, how the skin works.
Formulate, without compromising: 100% healthy products, because they are 100% of natural origin, highly concentrated active ingredients.
Test, study, adjust, for treatments with clinically proven effectiveness.
Support, provide what is missing in a serum, a food supplement or a treatment: nutrition, sleep, daily advice and recommendations.
Create a new type of treatment to take care of your skin.

Novexpert, Knowledge engages us.

Articles and Research


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