A dull, gray complexion is often the result of significant oxidation leading to the accumulation of dead cells, and a rough skin surface that does not properly reflect light.

To regain a radiant complexion, you must provide powerful antioxidants such as vitamin C or polyphenols. These molecules fight against oxidation by neutralizing free radicals before they attack cells. But these prized active ingredients are unstable by nature, Doctors Novexpert therefore sought a stabilized vitamin C compatible for everyone in all seasons, and a green tea polyphenol 200% more stable.

On the other hand, to smooth the skin surface, anti-aging active ingredients are essential. Novexpert treatments therefore contain vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, coffee or green tea extract for example, but also fruit acids. The latter, through their peeling action, help to stimulate cell renewal and eliminate dead cells on the surface, for a quick boost of radiance.

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