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Cosmetic fasting to stay “young”?


The article is really short, we're not going to summarize it for you, take a little courage, there are only a few lines (33 exactly but with images!) and we promise you that it will revolutionize your cosmetic routine!



We all know about the dietary fasting that I regularly practice, even though I'm far from being a yoga master. However, cosmetic fasting is less known. This 'radical' fast consists of cleansing once every 2 days and/or significantly reducing the use of cosmetics. If there was a time to practice cosmetic fasting, confinement would seem quite appropriate to me as it frees you from the constraints of representation. Thus, 2 evenings a week, for example, I only apply the Hydro-biotic Milk (gentle cleanser) that I use in the shower and that's it! A clean and fresh skin, all naked, without any other products. I also sometimes practice cosmetic fasting for 24 hours, often during the weekend, with just one cream, or even nothing!


Science has not yet spoken on the subject. But from a biological point of view, we can already suggest that the alternation between 'care/no care' could maintain a certain autonomy of the skin in the preservation of its antioxidant and nutritive defenses.

An urban legend also suggests that the skin would become 'lazy' due to an excess of beauty products... If you use products with powerful synthetic preservatives (which is not the case with Novexpert), your bacteria will appreciate this respite, that's for sure!

From a psychological point of view, this may be the beginning of a certain emancipation. Freeing oneself without seeming to be part of a beauty ritual that is never questioned... A new way of thinking about the beauty and health of your skin from a fresh perspective: what does my skin REALLY need?

I leave you to reflect on your consumption of cosmetics to come to only the essentials. Meanwhile, even if we don't know when the confinement will be lifted, I vote: Yes to cosmetic fasting, to stay 'young'!

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