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Winter, rain and dehydration



For tomorrow, we have an altered barrier function across the entire territory, especially on the cheeks, due to an anti-lipid disturbance that will persist for several weeks.

Today, we have already recorded a record decrease in cutaneous lipid levels of 5% and a halt in sebum production.

Result = Massive delipidation

As for air quality, I announce to you an extra-dry atmosphere in all interiors.

Result = dehydration sets in


Today Novexpert presents you the weather forecast.


Did you know?

Even in winter rain, the outdoor air contains up to 4 times less humidity than air at 20°C.


Dehydration can affect all skin types. We observe a 25% decrease in hydration in 48 hours due to dry and overheated interiors

It's a matter of balance.

When the air is dry, cutaneous water tends to evaporate towards the less water-rich environment, in this case, the air.


In the frontline to protect your skin from winter chills:


Below 10% water is Dehydration, so we spare it, even if it means putting on an extra layer.


To save your skin, our experts have what you need.

Its super powerful hygroscopic power allows it to retain cutaneous water to prevent it from evaporating away.


Hyaluronic acid, the hydration champion

Like a true sponge, it retains water from your skin to prevent it from escaping. Result: your skin remains hydrated and its surface is smoothed!


Omegas, the repair champions

These non-synthesizable super lipids by the skin restore the barrier function to maintain water in the skin.


Our Hyaluronic Acid and Omegas ranges, the winning combo for winter!

And because you can also nourish your skin from the inside, enrich your winter menus with foods rich in water and/or omegas.


Today we know it.

Beautiful skin is, above all,
healthy skin.

Creating another way of achieving beauty is a necessity. For 15 years, Novexpert has been committed to demanding cosmetics based on science and facts. They are researchers fascinated by science, passionate about skin and health.

And here is what we do.
Explain, transmit and learn: how the body works, how the skin works.
Formulate, without compromising: 100% healthy products, because they are 100% of natural origin, highly concentrated active ingredients.
Test, study, adjust, for treatments with clinically proven effectiveness.
Support, provide what is missing in a serum, a food supplement or a treatment: nutrition, sleep, daily advice and recommendations.
Create a new type of treatment to take care of your skin.

Novexpert, Knowledge engages us.

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