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What men look at first in a woman...


Did you know? We blink up to 15,000 times a day! The skin around the eyes is therefore very mobile, but it is also one of the most fragile: 3 times thinner than that of the face, non-existent hydrolipidic film... We must take particular care of it because otherwise the sentence falls: wrinkles, redness, dryness. The poor eye area accumulates all the evils!

And it's not over, like the icing on the cake, bags are added to this series of inconveniences. Our trick to make them a distant memory? Massage the eye contour with sweet almond oil then apply one of our eye contours and give you doe eyes!

At the risk of disappointing you and seeming less amusing, according to a very serious study... it's about the eyes! It must be said that the eye is a very intriguing organ; did you know, for instance, that the record for the largest eyes in the world is held by... the squid? Each of its eyes can reach up to 25 cm in diameter, roughly the size of a sizable watermelon, quite handy for exploring the depths of the ocean.

This interest we have in eyes, as skin specialists, led us to take an interest in the area around the eyes! The skin surrounding the eye is indeed very particular, and not long ago I was watching a movie where the main heroine was worried about the small wrinkles forming around her blue eyes when she smiled. And yes... because the first important point that you have surely already noticed is: the area around the eyes is where wrinkles appear first (along with the lip contour)!


1, 2… 15,000 TIMES A DAY!

I'm not talking about the number of times you'll look in a mirror or rearview mirror to see if your fine lines have disappeared, but rather the number of times you blink per day! Yes, about 15,000 times. In fact, since the beginning of this article, you must have blinked more than 10 times. The area around the eye is the most mobile part of the face, and these daily micro-contractions cause fine lines that become visible from the age of 25 (2)!


Moreover, apart from creating fine lines and closing your eyes in photos, what's the point of blinking? To moisturize and clean. With each blink, like a windshield wiper, the eyelid cleans the eye and spreads the tear fluid so that the eyeball does not dry out.


During genetic evolution, the area around the eye has inherited not only good traits... because in addition to being subjected to many daily contractions, it is a particularly sensitive area. The epidermis of the eye contour is 3 times thinner than that of the face (0.33-0.36 mm compared to 1-1.6 mm)! There isn't much distance between the two! And that's not all... the hydrolipidic film, this protective film composed of lipids and moisturizing elements that protects our skin, is almost absent around the eye (2)! This leaves the field open to dehydration and external aggressions.



You have thousands of bacteria in and around your eyes, but don't be afraid, this is also the case for your entire skin. Have I reassured you? More seriously, this is called the ocular microbiota (3). These are 'good bacteria' that live in harmony on your eyes and the skin around your eyes and that will notably protect you from 'bad bacteria' that would like to settle there. They occupy all the space and use all the available food, so pathogenic bacteria cannot develop there. Some good bacteria like those with the sweet name of Corynebacterium mastitidis can even produce antibacterial peptides to destroy the bad bacteria trying to settle in the tear fluid (4)! A real territorial war that the good bacteria win most of the time... However, if you use cosmetic products containing a lot of preservatives, you will destroy part of this flora. Preservatives do not distinguish, their goal is to destroy everything that moves! By that, I mean all bacteria, whether good or bad for us.

This is one of the reasons that led us to avoid the use of preservatives in all our ranges, without exception! Zero preservative commitment, always.

If you want another piece of advice, avoid touching your eyes all the time with your hands, because otherwise bacteria from the skin flora of your hands could easily end up in your eyes and lead to an imbalance.

You're probably wondering what's behind this disease that seems unfamiliar to you... and yet, I couldn't finish an article about the eye contour without mentioning it. Imagine, you wake up and once in your bathroom... disaster: bags under your eyes! Your eye contour is swollen, it usually fades during the day, but sometimes not quickly enough for you! These bags under the eyes are due to lying down during the night: water is distributed throughout your body, and insufficient lymphatic and venous drainage results in this unsightly water retention.


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