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Milk, bad for your pimples?


Fed up with acne?
Then change your milk!

Like Cleopatra, you're addicted to milk...
...but unlike her, you have acne.

These two facts seem to have nothing in common, and yet...

Attention, the following information may surprise you! Large-scale studies have shown a link between milk consumption and an increase in acne.

The culprits? Milk proteins that directly increase insulin levels and the amount of IGF-1, a growth factor literally pro-acne. In adulthood, it's simple: the more you boost IGF-1, the more pimples you have.

Whole, skim, or semi-skimmed milk, it's (almost) the same battle. But contrary to common intuition, a study conducted on more than 45,000 American adolescents found that skim milk was the one that worsened acne the most [1].

I sense the chocolate milk fans changing color.


Save your skin from this milky grip

Switch to plant-based milks, but not just any. That would be too easy.

  • Without added sugars
  • Organic to avoid pesticide residues
  • No more than one glass of non-GMO soy milk per day
  • Prefer drinks with a fairly low glycemic index (hazelnut, almond) and limit rice drinks, which will skyrocket your blood sugar level!

And if you're addicted to your morning chocolate, alternate at least every other day with tea, rich in anti-inflammatory polyphenols.

For the more adventurous (I didn't say radical...), do like Cyrille, our founder, and banish the 4 whites: milk, refined sugar, white bread, and salt. Zero pimple diet!


[1] Milk consumption: aggravating factor of acne and promoter of chronic diseases of Western societies
Bodo Melnik - Department of Dermatology, Environmental Medicine, and Health Theory, University of Osnabrück, Germany

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