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Men are women like any other!


Skin is skin, and on this point, men and women are (almost) equal. Okay, men have a little thicker skin, sometimes oilier in adolescence and less wrinkled at 50 (thanks menopause!) but that doesn't really make a difference.

Believe me, cosmetic active ingredients will not act differently on your skin if they know that you have a Y chromosome or not! So why don't men and women use the same cosmetics ? Well I return the question to you.

Why did you buy this facial treatment with midnight blue packaging whose smell invades the bathroom even though it is not even opened? Because marketing got you! Rest assured, it’s not your fault and you are not alone. We explain to you how marketers put you into boxes and of course we give you REAL cosmetic advice with your wife's products... which will soon become yours!

Men's skin comes from Mars and women's skin from Venus... STOP, LET'S GET BACK TO EARTH!

A skin is a skin. Epidermis, dermis, hypodermis, that's what our skin is made of, set up during embryonic development, and the Y chromosome has no say in it.

Okay, okay, let's not be so radical in our statements, there are indeed some differences, but we are (almost) equal in terms of skin. Let's sort out the true from the false with you.


Men's skin is thicker? True. Between 20 and 30 years old, men's skin is 25% thicker than women's. But as age progresses, this difference fades, and believe me, cosmetic actives will still penetrate the different layers, a few extra layers of keratinocytes (skin cells) won't scare them off!

Do men have more acne? True & ... False! In reality, 'boys' have more acne, because yes, it is true that in adolescence, boys display shinier skin and more pimples than girls. Blame it on the male sex hormone, testosterone, which literally boosts sebum production. But in adulthood, it's a different story, the tables turn, and pimples colonize women's faces. 85% of adults suffering from acne are women. Thanks to hormonal variations due to pregnancies and contraceptives!

Do men have fewer wrinkles? I would say they get them... later. They do indeed start with some advantages in terms of skin aging: thicker skin, generally oilier, and fewer hormonal fluctuations that can decrease collagen or dry out the skin! So wrinkles appear more slowly but... surely.

Small differences exist, yes, but these are details, and keep in mind this: a woman can have a man's skin and vice versa. We are all different, our skins too, and gender is not the most influential factor on our skin barrier. The actives contained in cosmetic treatments won't turn back or stop acting just because your name is Jean-Claude or Anne-Marie!

So why do each of you have a shelf full of different cosmetic products in your bathroom when you could use the same ones? It's not your fault, keep reading...


Let's do an exercise together, try to visualize the product I'm describing to you: a cosmetic treatment with black, even midnight blue or emerald green packaging, on which the brand name is written in white or gold and a very strong fragrance that escapes without even needing to get close. What does that make you think of?

... Of a treatment for men indeed. The marketing technique is well established, and over the years, it has entered everyone's imagination. But ultimately, why couldn't men opt for products with sleek and natural designs?


The goal of marketing services can be summed up in three words: CREATE - BOXES. Boxes to put you in, so that you buy three products when you only need one. The logic is simple: why sell just one product when the customer is willing to buy two?

The champions in this field are shower gels: children are entitled to products in bright colors that smell like apple or apricot (not often picked in the fields between us), women use shower gels with sweet notes evoking nature or travel (but believe me, you wouldn't want to travel deep into their composition...), and men have to make do with products always black or midnight blue that smell very strong and foam a lot of course! (Do you think all this foam is natural, gentlemen?)

Cosmetics do not escape this rule: on one side cosmetics for men, on the other those for women. You have to use different cosmetics, and beware gentlemen if you dare to use your wife's products, you might be capable of doing two things at once!

At Novexpert, power belongs to those who create the products and not to those who dress them up. In other words, these illogical and unfounded marketing practices, very little for us. So, SCOOP: yes gentlemen, you can use the same cosmetics as your wife! And guess what... you can even share them if you have the same dermatological profiles!


If you don't know where to start, and especially with what, don't panic, we'll help you.

The 1st rule for a beginner in cosmetics: the right routine starts with... cleansing! For that, we have THE product that will quickly become your favorite: the Flash-Radiance Cleansing Mousse with Vitamin C. 20 seconds flat to have clean and smoothed skin, who could resist? And I won't even mention its texture, I'll let you discover it for yourselves...

Tip: the Night Peeling Lotion and the Express Spot Stopper are another option, also formidable for really inflamed ingrown hairs.

We'll stop there (for now, you know us, more tips are coming...) and we suggest you just try HERE!


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