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Lazy: an adjective that sticks to your skin?



✔ Don't wait until wrinkles are visible to start worrying about them. The former can begin their training from the age of 25!

✔ The quantity and quality of hyaluronic acid decrease with age in the skin, take care of it without waiting until you are 60 th anniversary, thanks to our dedicated range which adapts to the products you are used to using.

✔ To prevent your skin from resting while you care for it, use adapted cosmetic treatments which will provide active ingredients externally but also stimulate the production of good molecules by your skin itself! This is particularly the case for our Hyaluronic Acid Booster Serum.

Have you ever wondered while applying your cream on your face: am I not making my skin lazy by doing this?

A child who is given the solutions at the same time as the problem does not seek solutions by himself! And what if our skin behaved like this child and stopped making efforts to regenerate itself?

So should we limit cosmetic care before a certain age to avoid making my skin lazy? Not so sure... let me explain everything.


Imagine, it's spring, you're going to plant your cherry tomatoes for summer aperitifs, are you going to wait a month until the plants are wilted and dehydrated before watering them? No, of course not, as a precaution, you'll water them several times a week. This works the same way for wrinkles. This is especially true since they can take, not up to a month or even a year to form but up to... 5 years! If you see wrinkles appearing on your face around 30, for example the famous worry lines that cross our forehead (1), it means that they began their formation process around 25! We are just entering adulthood but our skin is already starting to age, what an injustice! And without wanting to add insult to injury, wrinkles are much more difficult to treat with cosmetic care when they are already visible or worse, deepened.



One of the molecules responsible for the formation of wrinkles, especially dehydration lines, is the famous hyaluronic acid I mentioned in my previous article. As I revealed to you, its lifespan in our skin is very short because it is destroyed and renewed every day (2). However, with age, this short degradation-synthesis cycle weakens and we produce less and less until a point you probably can't imagine... At 70, we no longer have a drop of hyaluronic acid in the epidermis! Zero, nada! (3) And to this quantity problem is added a quality problem. Not in the epidermis as we no longer have it after 70, but in the dermis. Within this second layer of skin, hyaluronic acid degrades and its ability to retain water also. The gel becomes liquid and less homogeneous, therefore much less effective at plumping the skin than hyaluronic acid produced by young skin!


Given all this data, anti-aging treatments are therefore useful much earlier than you think. But don't panic, there is always a solution with Novexpert! With the Doctors and the scientific team of Novexpert, we have thought for example of a range with hyaluronic acid for everyone, which adapts to the products you are used to using: micellar water, mist, moisturizer, etc. Thus, from 25 years old you can gently start preventing signs of aging on the skin!



Here's what happens in our body: when we are young, our body is in good shape, it is in a state of homeostasis, that is to say, balance. Our cells largely produce the molecules we need. However, as the body ages, its resources diminish and it struggles to maintain this balance. Homeostasis is then disturbed and the body no longer fulfills all its functions correctly. (4) But you can intervene on this balance, especially at the skin level, and you have two options at your disposal:

  • Either you only feed your skin by externally providing active ingredients, it will then be filled for a while but also very tempted to stop working by itself! So you take the risk that it takes it easy while you strive to maintain it.
  • Or you use adapted cosmetic care. What hides behind this term 'adapted'? These are care products containing active ingredients that will stimulate our own cells to restart the system, help our body maintain balance. But as the system will never restart 100%, you also need to provide active ingredients that will fill the gap.

Acting from the outside and from the inside!

It is this second option that we implement within Novexpert: our cosmetic care products provide an external supply of active ingredients and boost our own cells to produce the right molecules themselves.

Our Hyaluronic Acid Booster Serum is a very good example of adapted cosmetic care to help your skin maintain balance. It contains a complex sugar that boosts the production of hyaluronic acid by our cells but also pure hyaluronic acid to fill the gap. (5) So, no vacation for your skin, it doesn't rest and continues to produce by itself!

I'm coming to the end of this article so if you were to remember only two aspects I advise you to remember these:

  • Don't wait for the appearance of the first wrinkles to take care of your skin. Our Hyaluronic Acid Booster Serum is also a very good ally to start treating dehydration lines.
  • Choose adapted cosmetic care (like Novexpert's!) that maintain the production of good molecules by your own skin, so there's no risk that it will rely solely on what you provide it with!



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