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Hyaluronic acid injection or treatment: which is the best choice?


✔ The injections contain large molecules of hyaluronic acid which are injected directly into the second layer of the skin (the dermis) to fill deep hollows.

Our hyaluronic acid serum contains all sizes of hyaluronic acid (wow!) to fill in hollows on the surface and stimulate our cells deep down.

✔ Hyaluronic acid from Novexpert is 100% natural and biodegradable, while that of the injections contains a “bodyguard” molecule and we do not know its fate in the body.

✔ You can increase your quantity of hyaluronic acid by eating ! Real for real!


Before diving into the match, let me give you all the cards to understand well. There are different molecular weights, meaning different sizes of hyaluronic acid classified into 4 categories:

  • very high molecular weight
  • high molecular weight
  • medium weight
  • small weight (and no, this last one isn't green...)

Depending on their size, hyaluronic acid molecules will penetrate more or less into the skin. Imagine this like a funnel: the very high molecular weight hyaluronic acid with its imposing size will stay at the beginning of the funnel, that is, on the surface of your skin. Conversely, the small molecular weight hyaluronic acid, thanks to its small size, will be able to slide to the bottom of the funnel, that is, penetrate deeply into your skin.



In hyaluronic acid injections, we find the very high molecular weight mixed with high molecular weight which will be directly injected into the dermis, the second layer of the skin(1). By performing these injections, we aim for a volumizing effect to fill in deep facial hollows by changing its shape.


Now let's see the difference with hyaluronic acid skincare, and in this field I will talk to you about Novexpert's choices. Our Hyaluronic Acid Booster Serum is for example one of the few serums in the world to contain all 4 sizes of hyaluronic acid! This is an innovation that breaks the codes of classic cosmetics and we formulated it so that hyaluronic acids of different sizes play complementary roles within the skin. The largest ones: the very high weight and the high weight act at the tissue level, they have a smoothing and moisturizing effect, a bit like a biological iron! Conversely, the smallest ones can penetrate deeper into the skin and act at the cellular level: they stimulate the skin cells (keratinocytes). The epidermis is 3 times thicker in the presence of medium molecular weight hyaluronic acid, impressive(2)!

So, injections fill in deep facial hollows while the Booster Serum fills in surface hollows and stimulates our cells in depth. Both can therefore be complementary!


THE SECRET LIFE OF HYALURONIC ACID WITHIN THE SKIN I might surprise you, but hyaluronic acid in our skin has an extremely short life span: it is destroyed and renewed... about every day by our cells. Yes, in 24 hours! Our body is committed to providing us with 'fresh' hyaluronic acid every day(3).

Novexpert's hyaluronic acid thus integrates into this cycle because it is 100% natural and biomimetic, that is, identical to that of our skin.

I hear you saying in front of your screen: 'but when my colleague gets a hyaluronic acid injection, the effects last more than a day, right?'

You are absolutely right, the hyaluronic acid in injections has a lifespan of 6 to 9 months... Why? Because it is not alone, it is coupled with a synthesis reticulation agent that acts like a bodyguard: it prevents the natural degradation of hyaluronic acid and thus it lasts several months instead of a day(4).


That's fine but... (because there is always a 'but' when we prevent nature from doing its job) what is the future of this bodyguard in our organism? Today we do not know. Of synthetic nature, it is not or little biodegradable and we do not have enough scientific information to know what it becomes in our skin in the long term.

In addition, our own hyaluronic acid renewal cycle is well organized! The destruction of 'old' hyaluronic acid sends cellular signals to make new hyaluronic acid, like passing the baton! However, if hyaluronic acid is not destroyed (like that of injections), it stands to reason that fewer signals for remanufacturing will be created, thus less fresh hyaluronic acid will be synthesized.

Since the creation of Novexpert, I believe in a comprehensive approach to skin health. In this specific case, to increase the amount of hyaluronic acid in the skin, injections or our Booster are effective solutions but they are not the only ones. Your lunch or dinner can also play an important role!


Yes, but not just anything! Some foods have the ability to increase hyaluronic acid synthesis thanks to their content of flavonoids or vitamin C for example. Researchers discovered this through the study of the diet of the Japanese village Yuzuri Hara where the inhabitants have a very long life expectancy and preserved skin despite sun exposure. Since reading publications on the subject, I have included the following foods in my meals, it's up to you to test them too!

Foods rich in flavonoids(5): cashew nuts, olive, garlic, shallot, plum, blackberry, cherry...
Foods rich in vitamin C(6): curly kale, parsley, goji berry, blackcurrant, kiwi...


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