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Double cleansing, good for my skin or not?


Because before talking about cleansing, we need to address face impurities! Impurities fall into two groups:

- THE FANS OF GREASE = lipids called lipophiles
eg: sebum, makeup residues, or sunscreen.

- WATER LOVERS = hydrophilic substances
eg: certain pollutants, dust, or sweat.


As you may know, oil attracts oil and water attracts water! So theoretically, double cleansing seems like a good way to get rid of all types of impurities from your face because it combines:

#1 A cleansing with a "greasy" product (= lipid).
You can then use an oil or an oily balm.

#2 A cleansing with an aqueous product.
You have the choice between gel textures, milks, or foams.

This technique has been used for hundreds of years by Japanese Geishas, but this sudden necessity to apply it to all skin types is more of a marketing opportunity: selling twice as many products.



However, poorly executed or with the wrong products, this double cleansing is at the expense of your skin...

Here are some tips from our Doctors: 


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