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Do we have to grow old?

Do we have to age?

We're not going to tell you that simply wishing to stay young will make it so, because one glance in your mirror could prove us wrong. But you do have the power to act and slow down the effects of time... And on top of that, we've already done the work for you, explaining how.


Once upon a time, Okinawa...

On a small Japanese island, centenarians are three times as common as they are with us.

Why them? How do they manage to live longer?

The answer lies in their plate! Thanks to their eating habits, they activate a specific gene called SIRT 1, which researchers have named the 'youth gene'. Much cooler!

And now you're thinking... they're lucky to have that gene. Well, YOU are lucky too. We all have this gene, except that we don't activate it, it remains off like most gas stations in Paris...


It's not magic, it's epigenetic

Behind the term 'Epigenetics' lies the fact that our lifestyle influences the expression of our genes.

So our cells age at different rates depending on our habits. Twins can have the same chronological age (= year of birth) but not the same biological age (= age of cells).

Epigenetics could be responsible for 70% of cellular aging!

At Novexpert, we've been cultivating epigenetics since 2008.

Our Doctors have developed a patented complex, Novaxyline, an exclusive combination of a marine plant and a prebiotic.

Its power: to awaken the youth gene, so that your cells switch to 'Okinawa' mode.


With Novaxyline, we rewind!

Our Pro-Collagen range takes you back in time,
You gain 11 years for your skin cells.

And it shows in practice,
Up to 37% reduction in wrinkles.

Today we know it.

Beautiful skin is, above all,
healthy skin.

Creating another way of achieving beauty is a necessity. For 15 years, Novexpert has been committed to demanding cosmetics based on science and facts. They are researchers fascinated by science, passionate about skin and health.

And here is what we do.
Explain, transmit and learn: how the body works, how the skin works.
Formulate, without compromising: 100% healthy products, because they are 100% of natural origin, highly concentrated active ingredients.
Test, study, adjust, for treatments with clinically proven effectiveness.
Support, provide what is missing in a serum, a food supplement or a treatment: nutrition, sleep, daily advice and recommendations.
Create a new type of treatment to take care of your skin.

Novexpert, Knowledge engages us.

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