Rosaceous skin, or suffering from rosacea, manifests itself by redness on large areas of the face, particularly the cheeks. Initially, these rednesses may be transient (flushes) then they become lasting. These rednesses are notably the reflection of a dilation of the blood vessels, which sometimes become visible on the surface of the skin.

Redness is exacerbated in cases of stress, spicy food, sudden changes in temperature or the introduction of a new cosmetic treatment, for example. Rosacea skin is part of so-called “sensitive” skin.

The causes at the origin of rosacea are difficult to generalize because they are very dependent on each person, however we find characteristics common to rosacea skin:

- Altered skin protection (notably hydro-lipid film)

- Overactivated nerve endings causing the immune system to go into overdrive.

- Diffuse inflammation

To relieve symptoms, reduce redness and prevent flushing, Novexpert Doctors have formulated treatments specifically designed for sensitive skin.

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