Reactive skin manifests itself with symptoms such as: tingling, tightness, pain, burning, irritation, redness, etc. These skin reactions are generally triggered by changes in temperature, friction (especially with new clothes), new cosmetics, stress, strong emotions, etc. Reactive skin has a much lower tolerance threshold for external changes or internal upheavals than non-reactive skin.

The Novexpert treatments presented here have been specifically formulated by our Doctors to relieve the symptoms of reactive skin but also respond to the 3 major causes for lasting action:

- Soothe overactivated nerve endings by adding magnesium. Major cause of reactive skin.

- Repair the unbalanced hydro-lipid film by providing lipids, in particular Omegas, essential fatty acids that the body cannot produce.

- Rebalance a disturbed skin microbiota (good bacteria living on the skin) by adding prebiotics and probiotics.

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