Inflammatory acne manifests itself as inflamed white pimples, i.e. with a red halo. They are often accompanied by a feeling of pain unlike retentional acne. These inflamed spots are the result of:

overproduction of sebum, a set of lipids produced by the sebaceous glands

d 'a stimulation of keratinocytes (skin cells)

of the proliferation of the acne bacteria, acnes, triggering factor of inflammation.

To correct and prevent inflammatory acne, it is necessary to act on the symptoms but also on the various causes which cause, in particular, an overproduction of sebum: hormonal changes, diet too sweet or rich in dairy proteins, stress, cosmetics unsuitable (irritant or comedogenic).

Trio-Zinc treatments have been specifically formulated by our Doctors to combat the inflammatory causes of acne and relieve the symptoms, for rapid and lasting results.

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