Hair loss, whether generalized or localized, leaves no one indifferent, men and women alike.

But here again, as with skin problems, we must not rush by only dealing with the symptoms (only provide keratin), we must treat the causes to lastingly slow down the loss.

The most important cause of hair loss is hormonal, we then speak of androgenetic alopecia. How is this explained concretely? Under the influence of a molecule, called 5α-reductase, testosterone is transformed into a new hormone which will disrupt hair growth cycles. This causes hair thinning and clogging of hair follicles, leading to premature loss.

In order to treat this cause as well as others (inflammation, poor vascularization etc.) Doctors Novexpert have formulated a highly concentrated product, with bioavailable nutrients to act at the root of the problem: drastically slow down hair loss and quickly stimulate pushes it back. 2 major actions clinically proven by dermatologists.

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