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Know my prescription.

For visible and long-lasting effectiveness, we recommend taking two capsules per day for two months (equivalent to three packs).

Our clinical studies were carried out over this period (56 days, or about two months), allowing us to offer guaranteed efficacy. This is also the time it takes for the nutrients to reach your skin (as they can be used by other organs), and for changes to take place and become

Then, to maintain the effects, allow your body to get used to its new functioning and avoid inducing any sudden changes, we recommend continuing the treatment for one month (one pack), taking one
capsule per day.

IMPORTANT:  if you wish to take several treatments at the same time, refer to the FAQ question "Can I take several treatments at the same time?" ».

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Hyaluronic acid
Hyaluronic acid

Our demand

Why did we take the time to test the effectiveness of your capsules?


Probably one of the most radical charters in the world in food supplements: more than 600 ingredients excluded from all products. A precautionary principle without any concessions, which allows us to ensure efficiency, while taking no risk for your health.



    Glucose syrup, fructose, fruit juice, agave syrup, honey etc.


    Syrup of maltitol, stevia, aspartame, polydextrose, saccharin, erythritol, ethyl-maltol, etc.


    All flavors labeled without the words “natural”. Examples: strawberry or apple flavor or ethylvanillin for vanilla flavor.


    Gluten and cereals containing gluten, lactose and dairy products, lecithin, crustaceans and crustacean-based products, fish and fish-based products, molluscs, egg and egg-based products, peanut and fish-based products peanut, tree nuts, lupine, celery, mustard, sulphite and sulfur dioxide, soy and soy products, sesame.


    TEA tree EO, dill EO, angelica EO, garlic EO, basil EO, chamomile EO, bergamot EO, cardamom EO, cumin EO, eucalyptus EO etc. .


    0% magnesium stearate - 0% stearic acid - 0% calcium carbonate - 0% magnesium salt of anti-caking fatty acids - 0% gellan gum


    Nitrite, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, calcium propionate etc.


    Carmine E120, allura AC, iron oxide and hydroxide, copper complex, titanium dioxide etc.


    Marine/bovine or porcine gelatin, fish oil, waxes and products derived from the hive, etc.

  • 0% GMO

    All plant extracts are certified non-genetically modified.


    No ingredient has been subjected to radiation (photons, electrons or X-rays) in order to prolong its conservation.


    Talc, titanium dioxide, silica and silicon oxide, magnesium silicate, aluminum and aluminum sulfate, iron oxide etc.


    Alginate, carrageenan, agar agar, magnesium stearate, stearic acid, calcium carbonate, magnesium salt of anti-caking fatty acids, gellan gum etc.

600 “black listed” ingredients in a single capsule, why?


The CLEAR SKIN supplement, like the entire range of Novexpert food supplements, has undergone a clinical test under medical supervision, to ensure its effectiveness. Maybe you find this normal? But yet… This requirement for effectiveness imposed by Novexpert is unique in food supplements. Contrary to common belief, food supplements are not subject to control of their effectiveness before being released on the market. But, just like in cosmetics, it was impossible for us to offer you products without the assurance of real, visible and lasting results. All clinical tests were carried out by an independent laboratory (to guarantee objectivity) and the results were recorded by dermatologists or measured instrumentally (for greater accuracy). This requirement has a price, takes time, but gives us the luxury of being sure to take care of your skin, correctly and for a long time.

French origin

100% of our food supplements are designed, manufactured, assembled and packaged in France. Packaging included.

In the field of beauty, France occupies a very special place and it is therefore quite natural that we call on its sectors of excellence. Essonne, Nièvre, Lyon, Chambery, Angers… we have identified, audited and selected partners in accordance with our drastic specifications.

This 100% French origin allows us to master all the stages, from the idea to the packaging, so that our requirements in terms of quality and efficiency are respected.

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Can I take several treatments at the same time?

It is possible to take 2 different Novexpert food supplements at the same time, for example STRONG HAIR & CLEAR SKIN. In this case, take 1 capsule per day of each supplement, i.e. 2 capsules in total per day. For what ? Because depending on your diet, and its richness in nutrients, we want to be sure that you do not exceed the recommended daily doses. 2 is good, 3 is too many! We advise you not to exceed the use of two Novexpert food supplements at the same time. You have the whole year to alternate them and enjoy them.

Are your products compatible with food supplements from other brands?

It depends on the composition of the food supplement. To be able to answer accurately, we must take into account interactions, nutrient absorption, maximum daily nutrient doses, etc. This is why we advise you to contact your doctor before combining any food supplements from different brands.

At what time of the day should I take my treatment?

Ideally, our food supplements should be taken during meals with a large glass of water.

What is the best way to store my food supplements?

- In a dry place, as humidity can destroy certain active ingredients. - Protected from light and heat (max 25°C if possible). Too high a temperature or direct light could destabilize or reduce the effectiveness of certain nutrients. Places to avoid: the bathroom and next to your hotplates (release of steam) Places to favor: the dining room (protected from light), the kitchen or the bedroom. You can leave your food supplements in the doypack provided or transfer them into a clean pot, opaque if possible.

I forgot to take my capsules, should I double the dose the next day?

Don't worry, a (one-off) oversight will not affect the effectiveness of our food supplements. If you forget, continue your treatment as normal without taking a double dose the next day. To prevent forgetting from becoming recurring, do not hesitate to put a reminder on your phone or computer.

Can the capsules be opened and emptied of their contents?

The ideal is not to open the capsules because they have been studied to protect the nutrients as much as possible and bring them to the right place in your body. The effectiveness will therefore be maximum by taking them directly. If, however, you cannot swallow the capsules, several options are possible: - Swallow them with a piece of bread or other food, for some people this is easier than with water. - Open them and disperse the contents in water, yogurt, compote, etc. However, it is possible that the mixture is not completely homogeneous because our food supplements are not formulated for this.

Can we consume food supplements all year round, continuously?

We recommend that you take treatments of at least 2 months (for the skin) and at least 3 months (for the hair) followed ideally by one month of maintenance, that is to say with 1 capsule per day instead of two. These cures are renewable 2 to 3 times a year depending on your needs. The objective of a course of food supplements is to help the body absorb the right nutrients to function normally and resolve a given problem. They must be accompanied by some changes in your daily life (nutrition, lifestyle, etc.) in order to be effective in the long term. Our experts support you with 360° coaching available on the back of your pack.


Are your products 100% natural?

To guarantee effectiveness on targeted issues, our food supplements contain a trio of active ingredients: vitamins, trace elements and plant extracts. However, there are very few natural vitamins in food supplements (the only ones: vitamins C, D and E). On the other hand, if you want to use natural Vitamin C, from acerola for example, you will need around 500mg to cover 100% of daily needs, this leaves no room for other active ingredients. Our vitamins are therefore not all natural, but they have the same structure as those that our body makes and/or uses. They are also highly bioavailable, pure and stable, 3 essential criteria for effectiveness.

Are your products made in France and developed by your team?

All our food supplements are designed, formulated, manufactured and packaged in France, including packaging. Why look elsewhere when everything is nearby? For more than 3 years now, Novexpert Laboratories have had a research center dedicated to food supplements including the internal team of Doctors in pharmacy, biology and nutrition and quality engineers but also our distributed partner doctors, dermatologists and microbiologists. in all of France. We worked in particular with Mr. Alain Geloen, Director of Biology Research as part of our patent.

Are your capsules made with gelatin?

We have chosen a 3rd generation HPMC capsule, in clear terms: the latest version of a 100% vegetable capsule released on the market. Its advantages are multiple: - 100% vegetable, it is made from vegetable cellulose. It therefore does not contain any gelatin. - It is the only certifiable organic and vegan capsule. - Its manufacturing process involves water but no other manufacturing aids. - Its protection against humidity (asset protection) is the highest.

Do your food supplements contain titanium dioxide?

NO, none of our food supplements contain titanium dioxide. This is possible thanks to the requirements of our R&D team which has established a blacklist of more than 600 ingredients in order to exclude from our food supplements, current and future, any molecule potentially at risk for vulnerable groups or for people with specific diets. Titanium dioxide is on this blacklist like all controversial additives.


Are your products compatible with a vegetarian or vegan diet?

YES, all our food supplements are compatible with vegetarian or vegan diets. This is possible thanks to the requirements of our R&D team which has established a blacklist of more than 600 ingredients in order to exclude from our food supplements, current and future, any molecule potentially at risk for vulnerable groups or for people with specific diets, particularly vegan.

Are your products gluten-free?

YES, all our food supplements are gluten-free. This is possible thanks to the requirements of our R&D team which has established a blacklist of more than 600 ingredients in order to exclude from our food supplements, current and future, any molecule potentially at risk for vulnerable groups or for people with specific diets, in particular the gluten-free diet.

Are your products lactose-free?

YES, all our food supplements are lactose-free. This is possible thanks to the requirements of our R&D team which has established a blacklist of more than 600 ingredients in order to exclude from our food supplements, current and future, any molecule potentially at risk for vulnerable groups or for people with specific diets, in particular the lactose-free diet.

Do your products contain allergenic substances?

We have excluded the listed allergens (egg, fish, sulphites, nuts, etc.). However, in case of doubt, multiple or specific allergies, we recommend that you contact your doctor before taking any food supplement.


Are your products compatible with pregnancy or breastfeeding?

100% of our food supplements have no contraindications for pregnant or breastfeeding women according to French regulations. BUT, Novexpert Laboratories being an ethical company, as a precautionary measure, we prefer to recommend that pregnant and breastfeeding women do not take food supplements without the advice of a health professional.

Are your products compatible with medical treatments?

According to French regulations, our food supplements can be taken in addition to medical treatment, with the exception of Soothed Skin, not recommended for people under anti-coagulant treatment (particularly due to the presence of Vitamin K) as listed on the pack. However, for any questions specific to a particular medical treatment, we recommend that you contact a healthcare professional before taking food supplements.

Are your products suitable for children?

Novexpert food supplements, like the majority of those on the market, are reserved for adults. Nutrient requirements (vitamins and trace elements) are different depending on age and period of life. Our food supplements have been formulated to meet the daily needs of adults (> 18 years old).


At what age should you take “plumped skin” food supplements?

On average, our customers start taking “PLUMPED SKIN” food supplements a little before the age of 35. However, depending on where you live (sun, pollution, climate), your lifestyle (skin care, sleep, sport) and your diet (sugars, consumption of fruits and vegetables), your skin may have some. need sooner or later. To do this, do not hesitate to contact our experts who will be able to provide you with more precise and personal information.