Why are we in the top 3 in all our points of sale?

Reason 1

  • It is the « clean beauty » trend and Novexpert is the pioneer: 100% natural formulas, 2 patents on « preservative-free », VEGAN and « ECOCERT » certified.
  • It is the trend of doctors’ brands (cosmeceuticals) and Novexpert is one of the leaders with a patent on epigenetics and star formulas, claiming for example the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid in the world (3.2%)…
  • It is the explosion of sensitive skins and Novexpert responds to it with a radical doctrine:
    • 0% allergens
    • 0% essential oils
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Non-photosensitizing

Reason 2

It is probably all of this at the same time.
But not only…:

  • It is the story of two French families having combined business & sustainable success:
  • The Telinge family created Cyrillus, a leading brand in France in textile industry, with more than 51 stores.
  • The Sirop Family is at the head of the Thalgo group (Couleur Caramel, Perron Rigot, …) with nearly 600 employees and all their factories located in France.
  • Their idea: To offer a peaceful and long-lasting relationship with their suppliers and clients, as well as sharing the margin to avoid the trap of short-term partnerships.

Reason 3

The surprise is in the video...