Knowledge commits us

Novexpert is a brand of pioneering minds, researchers fascinated by science, passionate about skin and

We know: beautiful skin is above all, healthy skin. For 15 years, we have been creating demanding cosmetics based on science and facts.

Products of 100% natural origin, highly concentrated in active ingredients, and with clinically proven effectiveness.

But also a brand with exponential growth
and in the TOP 5 SELL OUTs in points of sale in France

Choosing Novexpert means being in line with the demands of the current market and satisfying your customers on a daily basis.
But what does this mean for you?

Sell more but above all sell better.

More margin offered, minimum margin rate of 40%.
Fun and impactful training.
Powerful, complete and permanent support: samples, POS, gifts...
Your rewarded team : free products, challenges, competitions...

Concretely, you will obtain:

A revitalized point of sale

A revitalized point of sale

Displays and shelf-stops, window stickers, cheeks and
totems, posters...

Loyal customers

Loyal customers

Boxes, kits, samples, gifts, promotions, loyalty card.....

A motivated team

A motivated team

Several challenges/year, gifts to teams, competitions, VIP invitation,
training with experiences and games...

Dare to be the brand that advances cosmetics.

Since 2008, clean treatments formulated by doctors

100% natural origin
Vegan & Organic

Formulate 100% natural origin or nothing!
Because we know, cosmetic products penetrate our body. At Novexpert, since 2008, we have adopted much more than a precautionary principle. Formulating 100% natural origin means choosing the substances that are most easily degradable by the body and the most natural possible.


Care with highly concentrated active ingredients, unique and patented formulas, clinically proven effectiveness. Because there is a proven correlation between concentration of active ingredients and effectiveness of products on the skin. The more concentrated an active ingredient is, the more effective the formula is. Now you know.

Formulated by doctors

Care with physiological tolerance, tested under dermatological control. A dermo-cosmetic brand, which works for the health of the skin first, and then for its beauty.


Choosing Novexpert treatments means being sure to apply products to your skin that have absolutely nothing to hide. It is, before birth, to already pay special attention to your child. We formulate treatments concentrated in active ingredients, radically healthy, developed to act on the skin even of pregnant women without the body being polluted.
It’s not choosing between effectiveness and naturalness.

developed, designed and manufactured in France

Novexpert is a brand that says and shows everything, a brand that hides nothing. Neither in its products, nor in the formulation nor on the manufacturing sites, 100% French. Knowledge of which we are proud and which today allows us to master all the links in the chain. Commitment, transparency, high standards and French know-how par excellence.

For more information on commercial conditions, do not hesitate to contact Estelle, business development manager.