Articles and Research

Go further than a cream, a routine or a treatment.

At Novexpert, we know that the beauty of the skin does not depend solely on the quality of the products applied to it.

We know it, we explain it straightforwardly, and to remedy it, we take action.
For this, all of the lessons from our research center are made available to you through articles which are a concentrate of the expertise of Novexpert scientists, skin specialists. Advice on diet, micro-nutrition, sleep, stress, mental health and pace of life…

Our knowledge is at your disposal, because for healthy and beautiful skin, a cream, a serum or routine is not enough.

<p>Articles and Research</p>

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Today we know it.

Beautiful skin is, above all,
healthy skin.

Creating another way of achieving beauty is a necessity. For 15 years, Novexpert has been committed to demanding cosmetics based on science and facts. They are researchers fascinated by science, passionate about skin and health.

And here is what we do.
Explain, transmit and learn: how the body works, how the skin works.
Formulate, without compromising: 100% healthy products, because they are 100% of natural origin, highly concentrated active ingredients.
Test, study, adjust, for treatments with clinically proven effectiveness.
Support, provide what is missing in a serum, a food supplement or a treatment: nutrition, sleep, daily advice and recommendations.
Create a new type of treatment to take care of your skin.

Novexpert, Knowledge engages us.

Articles and Research


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